About us

Our ability to establish trust between businesses and their customers places us at the heart of the global digital economy.

We have a rich heritage of verifying identity and location, and now sit at the forefront of a fast-moving new business sector that’s forming a major part of the digital economy’s infrastructure – the identity sector.

Our unparalleled access to identity data

We use deeply embedded partnerships to access an unparalleled breadth of data. To develop products from this data we maintain a dialogue with clients about the problems they need help with. We then invest in our own R&D whilst constantly scanning the market for acquisition opportunities.

Our software solutions make use of machine learning, facial recognition, and many other cutting edge technologies. We maintain the highest standards of data integrity and demand the same of our partners and client

Where we’re based

Headquartered in the Singapore, we’ve grown internationally via acquisition and have people in 18 countries.

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