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Global address correction & formatting

If you do business globally, it’s important to make sure you’ve got your customers’ addresses absolutely correct, and in the right format for where they live.

We’ll help you validate and correct address elements within your customer records, taking account of the formatting of each country’s postal authority standards. We’ve got coverage for more than 240 countries and territories, ensuring you meet the requirements of all recognised postal accreditations, including:

  • SERP (Canada)
  • AMAS (Australia)
  • CASS (United States)
  • RSPV (France)

We can help you with

Global expansion

Our solution not only corrects misspellings, but also translates the data to the local address format in the correct alpha-numeric characters.

Easy registration

Unlike other solutions, Global Address Validation is country specific, so customers only fill in what’s required for where they live.

International deliveries

Avoid costly errors when delivering overseas. Have confidence you’ve got the right address details and know exactly where your goods are going.

Accurate address data

There are 4,500 address changes every day in the UK alone. And over 40m US citizens move home every year. Make sure your data is always up to date.

Our intuitive software supports

Phonetic matching

Language-specific phonetic matching so customers only fill in what they need to.

Multi-lingual spellings

Multi-lingual spellings, corrects mis-spellings, translating the data to the required local address format.

Country specific characters

Accurately capture and interpret data that include country specific characters.


Capture and validate addresses in Ireland against the country’s new postcode system.

We can support you in growing your business globally, improving operational efficiency, avoiding costly delivery errors – and even helping to reduce fraud.