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Remain compliant in a digital age

Technology is continually moving forward and enabling employers to recruit using increasingly progressive methods.

 Applications come from a number of sources – online job boards, advertisements, recruitment agents and social media campaigns. The application and resourcing process can be implemented centrally or passed to managers within the business.

With so many routes to recruitment and numbers of personnel involved, how do you ensure your business is compliant?


We can help you with

Criminality searches

Confirm if any of your staff has a police record or other criminal conviction.

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Identity verification

Confirm the identity of existing employees and new recruits – we can screen over 4.4 billion identities worldwide.

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AML & CTF checks

Screen all employees against the latest Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism lists.

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Document checks

We can help you validate your employees’ ID documents, driving licences, passports and work permits on an ongoing basis.

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