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Data validation

We all know how easy it is to mistype an email address or telephone number. And as a business, there’s nothing more challenging than a customer providing incorrect information at the very start of their journey. Yet we predict that up to 65% of data errors are most likely caused by simple human error – the curse of ‘fat finger syndrome’.

So we’re here to help. Our comprehensive data validation software checks data instantly at the point of entry.

Why use a data validation solution?

Speed up the registration process

There’s no need to ask customers to double-key information. Validate and enhance their basic identity data automatically to complete the picture.

Improve data quality everywhere

Having the right data at the point of registration means you’ll be using the right customer data across all your business processes – vital to reduce challenges like cart abandonment and improve customer acquisition rates.

Global data challenges? No problem

International data formats, naming conventions and salutations can be handled effortlessly. Abbreviations, misspellings and incomplete addresses can all be identified and corrected, thanks to our unique ‘fuzzy matching’ and intelligent search capabilities.