PEP Checks and Sanction Screening | Know Your Customer | Tech Verification

Managing identity fraud.

We can verify the identities of over 4.4 billion citizens globally, that’s 57% of the world’s total population. Which means we can help you identify your genuine customers and highlight the potential fraudsters. We can do this wherever you, or they, are in the world.

We’ll help you stay alert to false or stolen identities, first or third party fraud, application fraud and money laundering. Meaning you can take action. Fast.

We can help you with

Instant online checks

Check customer and employee identity online – instantly. Prevent the creation of fraudulent accounts or account takeover.

Global ID checks

Wherever you, your customers or your employees are in the world, we can identify who’s genuine and who’s not.

Tailored solutions

Select the right mix of document and data checks (including credit) to meet your business needs.

Flexible solutions

Our identity verification solutions are fully flexible, designed to scale and grow alongside your business.